Intrinsic Value Exchange (IVE)

Our mission is to transform intrinsic value into financial capital for natural and societal assets – things like clean air, water, wildlife, and human potential. This transformation provides direct incentives to protect and invest in these assets and opens a powerful pathway to sustainable economic growth that is in step with ecological and societal values.

The Problem

Today, we have dozens of exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, to tell us the value of companies like Apple or GM. We have commodity markets, such as The Chicago Board of Trade that prices gold, oil, corn, even weather. Yet, amazingly, we do not have any equivalent mechanism to value human capital or the natural assets and ecosystem processes that make life on earth possible and bountiful.

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The Solution

IVE is an online natural asset stock exchange designed to value natural and societal assets — assets like clean air and water, ecosystems, wildlife, human health and potential. IVE is one part financial exchange and one part social movement.

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Our People

Douglas Eger is the former Chairman and CEO of AMEX-listed Sheffield Pharmaceuticals and has founded several other companies in the areas of technology development and corporate finance, including: EIG, an intellectual property development and venture capital concern; Kachina Capital, a firm that advised companies on strategic and financial matters; TechSource, a technology transfer company serving private and public universities.

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