The Intrinsic Value Exchange (IVE)

What Is IVE?

IVE is an online stock exchange designed to value and price natural, human and social capital collectively Intrinsic Capital. This includes biological systems that provide clean air, water, foods, medicines, a stable climate and societal assets like human health and potential.

What We Do

We create innovative financial products and employ exchange technologies to value and convert Intrinsic Capital to financial capital.

Our Mission

Our mission is to include natural and human capital in the economy to provide direct incentives to protect and invest in these assets and open a powerful pathway to sustainable economic growth that is in step with ecological and societal values.

Initial IVE Projects

Valuing Natural Capital On Agricultural Lands: Healthy Soils Project (5 Use Cases)

Farmers are compensated for producing commodity crops but not for producing clean air, water, healthy food, soil, a stable climate or wildlife (collectively, natural capital and ecosystem services). Yet producing these essential goods and services and managing resources wisely is as valuable as the production of the commodity crops.

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Taking A Rainforest Public: The Central Suriname Nature Reserve (CSNR) Project

Suriname is a country rich in ecological resources. Thanks in part to pioneering conservation efforts, over 95% of the country remains forested, 80% represents primary rainforests, home to a rich diversity of wildlife and indigenous people. A country the size of New England, Surinames has 7% of the surface fresh water on the planet.

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