wealth  /welTH/ Noun

  1. An abundance of valuable possessions or money.
  2. The state of being rich; material prosperity.

Strategic Partners

Earth Economics

Earth Economics (EE) is a non-profit located in Tacoma, Washington, dedicated to researching and applying the economic solutions of tomorrow, today.

Earth Economics provides robust, science-based, ecologically sound economic analysis, policy recommendations and tools to positively transform regional, national and international economics, and asset accounting systems.

Working with leading ecologists, economists and modelers, we serve a large circle of businesses, non-profits, government agencies, policy makers and media channels with research, reports, presentations, workshops and investigations.

EE is a leader in the field of natural capital assessment and valuation. Currently, the company provides the following services to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors:

  • Ecosystem Service Valuation/Certified Values based on peer reviewed research
  • Capability to undertake original studies & valuations of natural capital and ecosystem services
  • Ecosystem Service Modeling
  • Ecosystem Service Mapping
  • Accounting and Management Strategies
  • Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)

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Natural Capital Coalition

The vision of the Natural Capital Coalition is to achieve a shift in corporate behaviour to conserve and enhance rather than deplete our natural capital. To achieve this, the Coalition brings together global leaders on natural capital in a convening platform to scale action. Key aims are to build the business case to demonstrate that integrating natural capital in business decision making leads to better business decisions with the benefits of greater resilience, reduced costs, improved security of supply, and ultimately a more sustainable business model. Another key aim is to support the development and testing of a harmonised framework and methodologies for valuing natural capital that can be applied in business in the following ways:

  • Strategy planning
  • Management - organizationally and across the supply chain.
  • Disclosure in corporate reporting e.g. Integrated Reporting (IR) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • Inclusion in investor Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria and benchmarking to provide full transparency on the risk and opportunities of an investment.
  • To facilitate the use and application of the valuation methodologies, through, for example, work to improve the access to reliable data on natural capital impacts and dependencies and working with policy makers to create an enabling policy environment.

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Natural Capital Project

Mission: The Natural Capital Project (NatCap) aims to integrate the values of nature into all major decisions affecting the environment and human well-being. 

Vision: The Natural Capital Project seeks a world in which people, governments, and corporations recognize the values of nature – embodied in Earth's lands, waters and biodiversity – in supporting human well-being, and routinely incorporate these values into decision-making. We are advancing three strategies to achieve our vision:

  • Developing scientifically rigorous approaches to incorporate natural capital into decisions by applying them in policy contexts around the world;
  • Creating innovative software tools to model, map, and value nature's benefits to society; and
  • Engaging leaders and practitioners in key institutions to forge and accelerate lasting, transformative change.

About Us: The Natural Capital Project (NatCap) works to develop scientifically rigorous approaches to incorporate natural capital into decisions, create innovative software tools to model, map, and value nature's benefits to society, and engage influential leaders to advance change in policy and practice. We are a strategic partnership that combines leading environmental science research at Stanford University and the University of Minnesota, with the global reach of science and conservation projects at The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund.

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League to Save Lake Tahoe


Our Message: For over 55 years, the League to Save Lake Tahoe has been the leading environmental organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of Lake Tahoe and its famed clarity. In the beginning, the League was comprised of a small group of concerned citizens who very effectively curbed plans for rampant over development and set the direction on which Lake Tahoe's planning efforts would proceed. Through the years, we have grown into an organization with thousands of members and supporters from across the United States who care about the future of Lake Tahoe.

Today the League’s important work focuses on:

  • Advocating for strong environmental regulation and enforcement to protect Lake Tahoe for this and future generations,
  • Educating and engaging the Tahoe Community to foster continued environmental stewardship that will “Keep Tahoe Blue”, and
  • Supporting collaborative, innovative and science-based solutions to environmental issues facing the lake.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe is a membership organization funded by generous visitors and community members invested in enhancing the clarity of Lake Tahoe and protecting its surrounding environment. To become a member and to learn more about the League, please visit or stop in to our Education Center & Store located in South Lake Tahoe, CA.